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Forbidden Compounds . Com - Prostate Fun
 Sunday, May 13, 2001

Free pics of anal loving babes!

Prostate Fun

"Every since I was a little kid I loved the feeling of putting pressure on my prostate gland (if you're a male that doesn't know what your prostate gland is, it's the gland that semen passes through on it's way out the urethra. Semen mixes with the watery fluid in the prostate and then ejaculates out the penis. It's located just inside the anus. If you're in a sitting position, it's easiest on the toilet for starters, insert your finger into your anus, hook your finger and it's the bulge right underneath your penis. When you push on it or rub it, you can feel pressure. It should feel like it does when you're ejaculating, and your prostate is contracting to send your cum spurting out. If you do this while having an orgasm it is really intense, it's one of the secrets some men don't know about. Definitely try it's worth the slight discomfort. Just use a lot of lubrication, and move slow at first. It's wonderful. Definitely try it if you haven't).

Well, on to the story. I did a lot of experimenting when I was little, and still do. It's great to find new ways of masturbation and sources of pleasure. I use to insert everything from my finger, to Barbie Doll legs, to those real small skinny baseball bats into my rectum. I never knew why I liked to do it so much. I even went through a phase where I thought I was gay because I liked to put things up my ass. I was really confused. Until, in one of my nudie magazines I read an ad in the back for prostate stimulators. It described basically the same things I did in the previous paragraph. I was astonished, and ecstatic to learn why I had the feeling that I did. And to finally put to rest any doubts I had about my sexuality.

Ever since I've been giving myself anal stimulation; and loving it. But there was one draw back to it: PAIN. I tried a lot of methods, and soon I was pretty good at relaxing my muscles a little to diminish some of the pain. But never all of it. Also, I am obsessed with women, and the vagina. If I had 3 wishes, being able to be a woman whenever I wanted would be one of them. I wanted to make fingering my anus as close to fingering a vagina as possible. But I could never relax my muscles enough, there was always a certain amount of pain and pressure. Just a few days ago I stumbled upon a discovery though. And I knew I had to post it to this site, to share with the rest of the men of the world.

I was extremely horny, and it was heightened by the fact that I had to shit. The pressure of the shit in my ass on my prostate always makes me horny as hell. I usually take a shit, and then go and masturbate afterwards. So I'm sitting on the toilet, slowly getting ready to release my shit. I was thinking about how loose my anus gets when I shit, it would feel great to finger that loose opening like it was a pussy, and it would relive all the pressure and pain. It would be painless if I could just keep my sphincter muscle relaxed while I fingered. So I lubed up my opening and put my finger against the hole. (During this don't let any of your shit out, it takes a lot of self control to do, just concentrate on controlling your muscles.) Slowly I let my shit begin to creep towards the hole. I stress the word slowly, it won't work if you don't do it slowly, you'll just get a handful of shit. When the shit gets close to your anus, the sphincter muscle will begin to open up; as soon as there's enough room, insert your finger.

It gets a little messy here, so this method of stimulation isn't for the faint of heart. But it's WELL worth it.

Hold back the shit with your finger. If you're having diarrhea, there's no way in HELL you're gonna stop it. Smooth shit is kinda fun if you don't mind getting a little dirty. Some of the smooth shit will probably seep out, but it feels great. Harder shit is definitely the best though. The involuntary muscles of your anus and intestines are fooled into thinking that you're shitting, when in fact you're holding the shit back. They loosen up from a tight vice-like grip, to nearly no pressure at all, they're as loose as most young virgin pussy lips. This is when the pleasure hits like a Mac truck.

I fingered my ass into ecstasy, with absolutely no pain or great discomfort. I pressed my shit up against my prostate, as well as directly rubbing it. The pleasure flowed throughout my body like an ocean wave. It was like cumming over and over and over... I started to literally cry from the pleasure it was so intense. I shoved my finger deep into my shit, mashing it around my insides. In and out I fingered myself, the lips of my ass were so light and caressing on my finger. The pain of all my other times of anal stimulation was now nonexistent. The tears dripped off my cheeks, and onto my thighs as I whined and whimpered from the stimulation. My bowels cried out trying to get my shit to flow out, but I wouldn't let it go. I continued to deeply rub my prostate, pressing harder and harder against the soft wall of my intestines. I propped my leg up on the wall and kept fingering myself into heaven. I felt as if I could nearly drive myself to orgasm just by rubbing my swollen gland. Fluid began to seep out of my penis, dripping slowly down the shaft. I couldn't take it any longer though, I had to give my penis some attention. I grabbed the shaft with my right hand, while I fingered my ass with my left. With every jerk on my cock, I jammed my finger into my rectum pressing it hard against my prostate. The pressure created by my finger forced the fluid inside the gland to push out my urethra as I continued to yank on my dick. It didn't take long before I was spurting cum all over my stomach and legs. As I came, my prostate contracted violently, propelling its stored fluid out of my body. With every contraction, I pressed my finger into it, causing my cum to spurt longer and farther.

When the contractions finally subsided, I withdrew my finger and my shit flowed happily out of my ass. I sat for several seconds trying to slow down my heartbeat. It was one of the most intense orgasms I have ever experienced."

----The Fun & Messy End----


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