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Suppressing a nation or just giving them what they really want?
Posted by Raven on Tuesday, May 31 @ 19:08:20 UTC (11 reads)
Updated: 07 May 2008

[RANT] 2am Club Curfew In Melbourne Australia

All I can say is "machete to the head" for the idiot savants who introduced this law.

It's to curb the they say. but it makes me want to commit it when simple little freedoms like this are taken away by dictators with no life.

Wanna do good? take the fluoride out of my drinking water ya pricks. if I want good shiny teeth i'll go brush them.

Read About Dangerous Affects Of Flouride In Our Drinking Water

And they'll continue to put it in our water to keep a nation passive! Low IQs, Bone degradation, cancer, damage to DNA etc!! Fuckers!!

Now off to bed you all go like good little fucking sheep to get up early and go to work and keep this economic money machine moving.

Updated: 12 January 2008

I'm not one that gets into these movies much, but this is worth the recommendation. If for the reason that it makes you go "hmmm..."

If you love conspiracy movies this will get you passionate as hell about LIFE and the people controlling your mind!

Let me know what you think, because every reaction I've had so far is "This is real heavy" or "This is the heaviest shit I've ever seen... ever!".

So my conclusion is, the deeper in social coma you are, the heavier you'll find it. LOL! :D

or watch it free at the official site

REVOLT!! :laugh:

30 July 2007 Update

Every now and then you hear or watch something that ignites yet another, what seems repressed reality.

How the fuck do we suppress this kind of shit is beyond me. Probably because it gets tiresome knowing the system is all screwed up and out of control. So far out of control that it's passed the point of no return.

This video reminds me of where Australia is heading right now. Dumb up the nation so rich cocksuckers get what they want.

"apathy is a byproduct of deliberate intention"


Discuss it here >> (CLICK HERE FOR FORUM)


The Full Saddam Hussein Hanging Video

Visit for the video. (click here) (VIEW IMAGE HERE)

Internet Porn Ban by US!! [READ ON]


Come discuss & give your opinions! Justified or unjustified? Who is right & who is wrong?

Scream it out! Scream bloody murder! Make it known because your PORN rights are about to be denied!


"A new regulation is going to make it very hard to host nude images of almost any kind, even perhaps topless or maybe even bikini pics. Please check out my newest blahg entry for a full explanation and links to this issue. I would think libertarians and webmasters of E/N sites would be against this. Please consider doing an article or post on your front page to alert your visitors to this problem.

According to this regulation, we'll have to be able to produce the personal info for every single model on demand of the DOJ. This is of course impossible. It will drive us, and many other sites, out of the adult image business. Do you believe there is a place on the net for adult images? I will even go onboard defending the hard-core sites. I think it should be allowed, definitely, just about anything but child porn or rape pr0n or snuff, even simulated. This is a blatant attempt to drive all adult images off the net, except those private camgirls who are ok putting their private info out there for anyone to see or pr0n stars who are public anyway. I'm sure they'll enjoy giving out their home address, contact phone number, maybe even SS# and etc." -dw

To discuss this issue go to our forum > CLICK HERE


Tsunami. Sad & unfortunate. That's life!
Posted by Raven on Tuesday, January 11 @ 00:43:44 UTC (3 reads)


Around 30,000 people die in Africa every day - amounting to an incredible number over the duration of a year. Do we - Australia (or the rest of the world) even give a shit? Hardly. When a mere 150,000 get wiped out by a tsunami we get sucked in - AGAIN - by our great government & media. John Howard says "this isn't a time for politics" but a time for caring for our fellow humans in need. Let me tell's all about politics. Don't think for one second it's not. This man has a knack for pulling the vale over our eyes. How else does a prime minister get elected 3 times over?

What are we getting now? Everywhere you turn there are fundraisers & donations going on like you wouldn't believe. It's everywhere I look, everywhere I turn. All I know is .... Australians are the biggest god damn suckers ever born. The government says "jump" and the Australian people ask "how high?".

If all these countries (Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia) weren't so god damn corrupt to begin with, they would have more than enough money to afford and get themselves out of this unfortunate natural disaster. Their people wouldn't be so god damn poor all the time either. But heck, lets just keep on encouraging them.

Our government donated around $1.1 billion dollars to Indonesia alone! Like wtf?! Do you know what $1.1 billion dollars can do for the Australian people? How many hospitals, schools & homeless can benefit from this? But what price does a government pay to keep terrorism at bay? What will it cost the Australian government to repair & treat a nation if we are to be hit by a terrorist act of the same caliber as September 911? By the looks of it about $1.1 billion dollars. Lets not fool ourselves here people. This generous donation made by the Australian government was to stifle a Muslim nation, that until recently wasn't getting along too well with its western neighbor.

Tsunami Song 1MB *right click save as*

It's time for Forbidden Compounds readers to show they care & tell the world to get FUCKED!

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Internet Porn: Worse than Crack?
Posted by Raven on Sunday, November 21 @ 07:05:17 UTC (13 reads)

Give me a fucking break. No really!! Like WTF do they want from people of the world? To be miserable lifeless, mindless fucks sitting at home staring at the walls while we knit or make quilts?

Internet Porn: Worse than Crack? Read Wired news article.

Pornography addicts have a more difficult time recovering from their addiction than cocaine addicts, since coke users can get the drug out of their system, but pornographic images stay in the brain forever, Layden said.

Fucking baseball bat!! Put me in a room with this fucker for an hour! While you're at it, throw in their entire family! The hypocrisy is beyond the realm of absurdity.
Through their studies, these people want find a way to anesthetize our every last human attribute & emotion in order to successfully blend us easier into the big working machine.
I can just imagine how many of these babbling plebeians sit at home jerking off to photographs of their mothers because THEY CAN'T GET REAL PORN!!!

I've been telling you people. Your rights ENTITLED to you as HUMANS are being ripped from your fingertips while you sit with your thumbs up your asses! Speak up now, voice your concerns or lose what little freedoms you have left.

Porn is the new opiate for the masses. This new age is what I call the "Porn Generation". Perversity is not because of net porn. Perversity has been around since the dawn of man. It's an innate human characteristic. Even 16th & 17th century renaissance puts today's porn to shame. Debauchery was never healthier. Our ancient history is filled with it. Dionysus & the frenetic Baccae who debauched and feasted on the raw flesh of animals. It was just a taste of what a modern FREE thinking world yearns to become as it is set free from tyranny & millennia of oppression.

These are the same people whose forefathers - back then - married 12 year old girls to supposedly save them (and the girls families) from poverty. Who has the problem now?

The solution is ACCEPTANCE that the world is changing. Educate people the sex is OKAY and religion is a dreadful affliction & the pestilence of mankind. What? Don't like the sound of that?

If you have any comments worth adding to this update visit our PORN forum. Yes. Only the truly depraved need apply.

All the McPorn jokes I could make right now is titillating.. Please enjoy McDonalds girls Playboy pics at our Porn Forum! McPlayboy.


Paris Hilton the Pornstar!!!
Posted by Raven on Wednesday, October 20 @ 04:10:46 UTC (38 reads)

Indonesia makes me sick! The only reason Indonesia are actually having a crackdown on muslim extremists (*BULLSHIT* so they claim) in their own country is because some attacks have claimed Indonesians. Today on BBC radio representative of the new Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said "we are cracking down because their killing is indescriminate & some Indonesians have lost their lives". Like wtf? What they are basically saying is "if no Indonesians weren't being killed then we would let the killing of westerners continue. But because our people are also being killed then we must stop them.". Well fuck you & the tree you fell from.

Visit our forum!On a different note. Paris Hilton is signing up to do her own 'blue movie'. A true pornstar! "The 23-year-old has been captured on three new 45-minute tapes which feature the most explicit footage yet, including Hilton masturbating, enjoying a steamy romp with a rocker's daughter and pleasuring two men at the same time" reports Britain's NEWS OF THE WORLD.

"The newspaper also claims Hilton, who is thought to be worth GBP108 million (GBP60 million), is in negotiations with a major American porn studio to make a legitimate blue movie. She is said to be demanding 90 per cent of all sales and could stand to make $27 million (GBP15 million)." READ MORE HERE

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Enough already!
Posted by Raven on Thursday, October 07 @ 04:29:14 UTC (32 reads)


Here are my scuttlebutt thoughts as they spill out. Both rational & irrational intertwined into one verbose spill. I've made no attempt at filtrating nonsensical jibber jabber.

Politicians: "Lets give them sport & deter them from real issues. Lets treat them like children & lead them in the direction WE want. Australians don't need to be involved our country's decision making process & politics. It's too complicated *guffaw*. Sit them back and givem sport. They'll be right mate!"

I swear Australians are being brainwashed by sports & governmental bullshit! Or are we made to keep fit and politically unaware just in-case the D-Day comes?

Politicians: "Well! We kept most of them fit with sports, now lets get them trained up".

You people make me sick! Let's cuddle & protect the public from the bad bad world out there. BOO FUCKING HOO! Did you know there are terrorists living amongst us in this country? Neither did I.

The Australian media makes me sick. They're controlled by a handful of rich media conglomerates with a monopoly stronghold on most media mediums & bare their own hidden agendas. How many Radio/TV news stations did you hear discussing the Free Trade Agreement whilst it was being debated/passed in Parliament? Not many at all. Did the public even know it was in the process of being passed until it was over? Or what arguments/concerns were being raised? Among many other important issues - Inadvertently downloading/clicking illegal links makes you easy game now. Be it warez (illegal games/software) whatever. U.S. companies will be empowered to sue your ass. They'll be knocking on your door and taking you by the hair. Thank fuck for the Democrats, the Greens & a few others kicking up a stink about necessary amendments (ie: cheaper pharmaceuticals & protection from overseas drug companies). Lots of issues didn't even get the attention they deserved. Or if the Libs had their way they'd pass the bill as it was & we'd all be screwed. Nonetheless, say goodbye to your internet rights. Talk about being a fucking brain dead nation.

Who will Australians vote for this coming election? Both leading parties Liberal & Labour suck dicks. Labour more than Liberal at this point. Labour wants to increase GST to 15% and charge us DOUBLE on Stamp Duty when buying & selling a house. So yes, that means once when you buy a house and again after you've sold a house. TWICE! Are you fucking kidding me or what? And i don't buy this whole "Our economy is running strong" bullshit either. On which planet is the economy running strong? Not Earth. We have been in a small recession for nearly two years now and nobody is saying JACK SHIT for fear of scaring the country any deeper. But it got worse in January 04 this year up until a month ago.

You fucks are lucky I'm not running for government because I'd introduce COMPULSORY military drafting for anyone 18+. What's wrong with being disciplined, educated, fit & mentally able for your own benefit & your country's? Something this nation lacks - respect & discipline. There's too many nonchalant cockheads out there. I'd also introduce public caning for any moron that graffittis private/public property - and not before they're made to wear a sign around their neck while they scrub that crap off. My fucking local shopping strip looks like Beirut - minus the bullet holes.

And what the fuck is with so many pedophiles in Australian society? State & Federal Police have busted hundreds & hundreds of individuals who have amassed a collection of kiddy porn on their PCs and what not. Grotesque pictures of 24 month olds being violated etc. We're talking people from all over. Even a "woman". From priests to cops to truck drivers to TEACHERS TO A CHILD PSYCHOLOGIST!! Like wtf? I guess the internet is helping weed out these sad cases. I know most Australians are better than this. ZERO tolerance is key. Only one cure for these fuckers. Suicide! Seriously, as a nation we need to become more involved & better informed.

I'm a news junky and constantly want to be fed. A great radio station to listen to whilst driving around in your car is NewsRadio. For Melbourne 1026 AM radio. Sydney 630 AM radio. MORE. Or listen to it live on the net.

Stay the fuck informed and make yourself useful in society. BTW, come get some free relief. Visit our PORN FORUM. Kiddy peddlers stay the fuck out.


Forbidden Compounds Exclusive
Posted by Raven on Monday, September 27 @ 05:50:57 UTC (12 reads)

Compounds' cutest devotee!

We all love Nickster's girlfriend here at the Compounds. Andrea is one of the cutest & sexiest girls I've ever seen & good on him for having such a great looking woman. Great tits too! Props to you buddy! Check out her vid that was submitted to FC. > *right click save as* Vid

Special thanks to Noodle for watermarking the viddy.


No food for thought. It's all chewed up.
Posted by Raven on Friday, September 24 @ 04:49:49 UTC (8 reads)

My rational thoughts of the day:

I used to believe that religion appeased people & served to restore despair & helplessness with faith & hope. I believed it was the secret to world peace. Giving the masses reason & direction. I'm not so sure anymore. I never seperated people because of who & what they are. It never even occured to me to look at them differently. For I was never raised like that. Regretfully, I have changed my tone as of late & my tolerance for human stupidity has dwindled.

Jack Hensley beheaded - American #2 vid *right click save as*

Discuss this video in our forum > (click here)

This site has many more vids>

My irrational solution....

Everytime terrorists demand for particular individuals to be freed/released, the U.S. governement says "i'm sorry...who did you want released? the two female scientists?" then we get them out into the public arena and fucking behead them. Then we say..."There you go! They have been freed into the arms of allah washbum."

Repeat: Everytime a terrorist group demands for a specific group to be freed/released we take that 'group' out into the street/public arena & behead them first. Fuck'em. We'll see how many requests they make after that.

And if you sit and tell me that we have "been making millions off the blood and sweat off of Middle Easterners" then blow me because Middle Eastern political leaders have been paid wealthily for their oil. They are knee deep in this shit like the rest of us. Have they ever shared any of that wealth with their own people? NO! Instead they spend it lavishly on themselves while their people live in third world squalor.

The scary thing is a new culture is breeding out there. And they're starting them young. Just imagine when they grow up. Or have they already?

Take the people in China for example: they sweat and bleed for the rest of the world too. They work like fucking robots over there. BUT their payment for all their work is an exchange for food most times. Yes people work for food. An income? What's that in China. I don't see them blowing up countries and murdering westerners etc etc etc. They are humble, respectable people that lead by example.

Any religion that makes their followers whipe their asses with their bare hands after taking a shit is sick & twisted (I'm not talking about moderate muslims, I'm talking about the non-moderates in the middle eastern regions & parts of asia etc). The law should state: you pray, you die. Much like Saddams policy when he was in power. If they prayed too much, Saddam considered them a threat. So they were subsequently forced out, killed or locked up. Beautiful.
Religious freedom resumes in Iraq [streaming vid]

They DO NOT use toilet paper. This to me is primitive, disgusting, unhygienic & very fucking stone age. They wipe their ASS with their left HAND and eat with their right hand? But i'm guessing they don't need TWO hands to cook & prepare food? I don't give a fuck how many times you wash & clean your hands after that. It's still fucking disgusting (again I'm not talking about moderate muslims, I'm talking about the non-moderates in the middle eastern regions & parts of asia etc) .

Out of all the conflicts in the world today, most of them are muslims who cannot get along with their neighbours in some way or another.

Those are my irrational thoughts. Close.


How Groovy!!
Posted by Raven on Thursday, September 02 @ 21:31:30 UTC (9 reads)

Unbelievable the inovations & products people come up with! I just bought this groovy little thing called a Groove Tag. It's a toll tag / e-tag cover and it comes with a built in freshener. How cool huh? The covers come in different designs and colors. Ie: Dragon, Sexy & Original. I say bring on the double penetration pics!! Yeah biatch! Check out the site. Click Here!

Anyway, if you have a serious addiction to porn and can't find a place to satisfy all your needs visit our Porn Forum.


Allison Williams Sex Scandal Tape
Posted by Raven on Monday, August 23 @ 06:09:19 UTC (82 reads)

Allison Williams Sex Scandal Tape 51.6mb/28:51Min

The little known news talent for channel WVEC Channel 13 in Norfolk, Virginia Could Allison Williams is the next upcoming star in the leaked home video department. [There is no evidence of her working there still, and it seems as though the station may have erased any evidence of her employment from the wvec website - but sources say it is definately her.] Actually, it wasn't a home video - it was shot in the channel 13 NEWS TRUCK! From what sources say and I can tell, the TV station has disassociated themselves with the saucy beast. God Bless her and her cameraman, I say! She gets down and dirty in the news truck, and they taped it all - I have to say, she's quite the animal!

Visit the Porn Forum to get your full video download. 51MB. 28 mins.


Severina Vuckovic (pics from Porn movie)
Posted by Raven on Friday, June 11 @ 11:53:11 UTC (62 reads)

Firstly, get your *fap* T-Shirt now!

Well, isn't she beautiful & doesn't she have the greatest little bod?! Her name is Severina Vuckovic.

"A top Croatian pop star has appealed to the public to return or destroy private pictures of her enjoying a lusty sex romp which appeared on the Internet this week." C'mon! Why would you wanna go do that?Anyhow, encourage all you want. Now that it has become public domain it's highly unlikely anyone will be destroying anything. Especially because she so beautiful & loves to ride that hot salami.

"32-year-old Vuckovic had previously been an icon of righteous and religious modesty." Pfft! That's what they all use as a cover when disguising their true lustful hunger for cock.

"Severina Vuckovic told the daily Jutarnji List Wednesday the pictures and an 11-minute video of her making love to an unidentified dark-haired man had been stolen from her private collection." Private collection? Such true ambition in life to indulge in her every desire & amass the biggest self pron collection in Yugoslavia is worth raising your champagne glass to. Excuse the pun. Full CNN story:

Okay so you've read all that? Then now you're ready to view the pictures.

To discuss or get the full 79MB video to this visit the Compounds forum by clicking here! The Compounds - Where the hot breaking internet stories always emerge first!!

Who wants to walk the dog? Hyenas make nice pets in Nigeria

With such exotic animal wild life at your doorstep, why go with conventional pet types.!

Discuss HERE (click here)

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US man beheaded - Iraq video [vid + pics] Nicholas Berg
Posted by Raven on Wednesday, May 12 @ 19:36:15 UTC (11 reads)
what gets me about these arabs is they bitch and moan about a little torture and geneva convention crap but what do they do?? decapitate a U.S civilian. this was a person who went to that war torn countryto make a difference. to help rebuild their home. this is their gratitude. remember the british POW in gulf 1 who was forced to eat/lick feces off the toilet floors and caught all kinds of diseases like herpes, gonorrhea etc etc? i still say nuke the whole fucking region and come back in 20 years.

watch full behead video. sound track is a little off but it's enough to make you sick!! these people make me sick. as retaliation we should behead all iraqi prisoners of war and ban their backward, primitive, unevolving, twisted religion. Or better still, for every 1 U.S soldier/civilian killed by them, we will kill 10 of theirs.

"Hitler said if a lie is repeated often enough and long enough, it would come to be perceived as truth. One such lie often repeated is ?Islam is the fastest growing religion?.

Despite the fact that Muslims by virtue of being poor and uneducated are much more reproductive than others, Islam as a religion is not growing but dying fast."

and on the front page...

"Islam is a religion bereft of commonsense that is utterly against reason. Logically challenged Muslims try to confirm their faith with fancies and puerile beliefs. Only a cursory look at what they regard as miracles reveals the deplorable intellectual bankruptcy of the benighted followers of Muhammad. "


If you would like to discuss this update further (maybe want to tell us that not all muslims are like this - whatever) then come chat with us at our forum. Yes it's a PORN forum but we also discuss a whole lot of other issues too. Click to visit FORUM


Full length Paris viddy 291MB !
Posted by Raven on Friday, February 13 @ 08:08:52 UTC (220 reads)

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Full Paris Hilton Sex video has hit the stores!!

Guess what folks? That's right! We got the FULL Paris Hilton video!!
>> Paris_BenjiHooter.avi video!! I told you we would.

No sample vid here motherfuckers! We've got the full 291MB Paris version running at 40 mins & it's FREE! This has got to be the most anticipated amateur release since Pam & Tommy. The screen capture to the right is proof enough. And like a good little girl, everyone will be happy to know that she swallows. This guy is a player though. He acts like a clown and just gets away with running around with a camera up Paris Hilton's poon every opportunity he gets. Kudos to him for tapping one high class p00n.

You'll be able to find the links to the Full Paris Hilton video (291mb) in the forum. I don't intend on posting links on the front page.

There's lots of other insane & crazy shit happening in the forums. So if you want to be amongst the first to get in on things like the Paris video, my suggestion is that you register (free of course) and participate. Be sure to stick around & be part of it all because we're the first to know when something new goes down. Other forum discussions include - watersports, insertions, scat, amateurs, groups, mature, ass & titties etc.

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Update: Paris Hilton's Steamy Amateur Porn Movie
Posted by Raven on Saturday, October 11 @ 08:36:27 UTC (121 reads)

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Paris Hilton Amateur sex video.

Well folks, it's out there in the public domain now and spreading like mutherfucking wildfire!

Apparently this is only the sample vid that was submitted to the media. A 3 minute teaser. The full length which is about 86 minutes long will be coming out soon. This guy really wants to cash in the dollars.

Who wants it? For those of you that have been totally hanging for it, I got it.

So my bandwidth doesn't get ass raped, I've posted the video in the Forbidden Compounds Porn Forum.

So go there and eat it up fuckers! The Paris Hilton video (4.8mb).

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The Porn Hunter
Posted by zokah on Tuesday, August 19 @ 21:52:08 UTC (135 reads)

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Tools,tips,tricks and techniques for obtaining porn

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Another highly recommended forum is the Batforum where notbob has posted a good article on Usenet

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A very useful tool for getting everything from a newsgroup,the hard part is finding the good groups.

This is what I use for joining or splitting binary files that are posted in newsgroups or that are to large to comfortably email

Is an excellent freeware splitter/joiner

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If you download and collect image files, or any other type of file, you may be wasting space on duplicates. Now you can find them quickly, and easily, and it's free.

Don't Panic!
Is an all-in-one security and privacy application designed for users who need to quickly hide applications and documents and clean computer activity quickly. for Internet Explorer, NETSCAPE and AOL,

Zspoof 2.41

A handy tool that spoofs some subscription sites to let you in.There are spoofs to be found in various places around the net

Also, here's a little something I almost forgot to add.

Goggle is your friend
There are a few ways to use goggle in the search for porn. It has led me to a number of dexs that I would not have found.
Try entering "Index of .avi" or mpeg etc. you will still need to check out the vids but a number of them will be worthwhile. Another way to find some backdoors is enter " */*@w#w.thepaysite,com " then you have to go through the results but most times you will find a working login

Always remember to set the option to no filtering of results.

Now go get some, then come to the forum and show us what you found.

A Few Examples

Bald Beaver 1 Bald Beaver 2 Bald Beaver 3

Bald Beaver 4 Bald Beaver 5 Bald Beaver 6

Bald Beaver 7 Bald Beaver 8 Bald Beaver 9

Ever since I first read the novel M*A*S*H by Richard Hooker I have been intrigued by the idea of an Asian epileptic whore or more accurately what it would be like to have sex with an sufferer of epilepsy.I finally found something close,so now you can also

Experience the epileptic whore

p1.jpg - 14023 Bytes

That's about it for now

drinking satyr.gif - 57673 Bytes

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